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Handling & Transport

  • Backdrops should be transported only rolled onto the tube.
  • Drops have to be transported inside the vehicle.
  • In case of inclement weather such as snow or rain, please shrink-wrap the drop to avoid moisture damage.
  • Do not transport the drops onto the damaged tube. Doing so can cause permanent damage to the backdrop.



  • Lay backdrop roll onto a clean and dry flat surface
  • Detach tape strips by hand – do not use knives or scissors as they may easily damage the drop
  • Unroll the drop and lower the stand to the lowest height
  • Refrain from dragging the drop over sharp edges or corners, this may cause permanent damage to the backdrops.
  • Attach the drop to the top bar with plastic clamps and raise the stand to the desired height of approximately 12” at a time per side (when performed by one person, attempt not to cause creasing. Preferably use two people for attaching and detaching the backdrop.)


  • Lower the stand approximately 12” per side with a second person pulling the backdrop away from the stand.
  • Lay the drop on the flat surface and slowly roll it back on the attached tube. Drops should be rolled tightly and carefully onto the tube. The image side inwards for the drop protection.
  • Attach tape to the back side every 10-12”.
  • Do not attach tape to the image side as it may cause irreversible damage.


  • Canvas backdrops should be rolled onto the tube.
  • Drops should be stored in rooms with adequate ventilation.
  • Do not store close to a source of heat or exposed flames.
  • Do not store in damp areas or active sources of water (water closets or laundry areas)


  • Please use only a clothing (lint) roller to remove small particles from the image side of the backdrop.
  • Do not use sharp objects or attempt to vacuum.
  • Do not use wet sponges or wet cloth – may cause staining or permanent discoloration.


  • Please refrain from walking the backdrop.
  • When placing any objects on the top of the drop – objects have to be lifted and set in place.
  • Dragging or pushing will cause the damage to the backdrop.
  • In case of the large backdrops when the model has to be placed on the backdrop, please use a clean rug to allow the model access to the desired spot. Instruct the model to lift feet when changing position and not to drag the feet. Alternatively use self adhesive 1mm felt pads under the shoes.
  • Please refrain from drinking or eating near the backdrop.
  • Use only in smoke free environment.
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