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Returns and Shipping Policy

All sales are final and there are no returns unless the shipped unit goes missing or arrives damaged.

Backdrops are shipped 100% insured to value and we will provide exchange or replacement service to the items that went missing in transit or to the ones that arrive damaged. If a customer requests no insurance coverage for the purchased item, then the purchaser assumes all responsibility for the product and waives all rights to any claims resulting from damage during shipping.

If the item goes missing, we will file the claim with the shipping carrier which may take a few weeks as per shipping company guidelines. We will work with the customer to provide the best and most satisfying option.

In the case of the backdrop that arrived damaged customer is obligated to:

  • Photograph visibly damaged packaging and if damage to the backdrop is visible from the outside - please do not open the parcel.
  • Photograph visibly damaged packaging before the opening of the parcel.
  • Contact us through email or phone.
  • Please forward good-quality photographs of the damage through email. Provide the backdrop number and provided by us tracking number, so we can start the claim with the carrier.
  • We will discuss further options of remaking the backdrop or exchanging it with a different one or possibly refund.
  • If the customer elects to keep the damaged unit we can offer a discount or a credit towards the next purchase.

Please contact us to arrange for a refund or exchange damaged products otherwise items are ineligible for return.

Please note that Backdrops Gallery has no control over the items which are in transit. Some discount shipping carriers may not guarantee the timeliness of the delivery. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding shipping options quoted through the automated system. We will try to research through our shipping dealer the best option for a particular situation.

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